Blemish and Blackhead Extractor Kit (4-Piece) for $10 has Blemish and Blackhead Extractor Kit (4-Piece) for $10 with a free shipping on order over $35.


  • Two double-looped tools
  • Needle extractor tool
  • Cone dome extractor tool


  • Helps remove facial blemishes without creating scars
  • Extracts blackheads and pimples without causing irritation and redness
  • Easier and more sanitary than using fingernails

How to Use:

  • Place the appropriately sized loop over the blemish and press down gently
  • If the blemish isn’t ready to come out, carefully open the skin with the needle after sterilizing it
  • Best used after the pores have been opened in the shower


  • Blemish and blackhead extraction tools
  • Easy to use
  • Designed for optimal balance
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Blemish and Blackhead Extractor Kit (4-Piece) for $10

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