Kawasaki 10 pc Dual Temperature Heat Gun Kit for $28

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Item Description

  • BRAND: Kawasaki
  • SKU: 840015
  • UPC 028907226002
  • Weight: 4.31 lb(s)
  • Package Height: 11.38″
  • Package Length: 3.63″
  • Package Width: 12.50″


Few power tools are as versatile and handy as a heat gun. What other single tool can shrink the plastic wrap on a lovely gift basket one minute, then melt away decades-old crusty paint and varnish the next? That’s why a heat gun is equally popular with crafters, artists, hobbyists, tradesmen, mechanics and restorers.

To make the most of this must-have power tool, The Kawasaki 10 Piece Heat Gun Kit 840015 features a powerful dual temperature 12.5 amp heat gun. Temperatures up to 495° C (920° F) and variable air flow speeds make this effective tool widely useful. Soften shrink wrap and shrink tubing, strip paint and decals, dry damp materials, soften and shape plastic, and even loosen rusty bolts.

Included in this versatile heat gun kit are 4 nozzles, 3 scraper heads, a scraper handle, stand, and storage case. Add the Kawasaki 840015 kit to your tool arsenal and you’ll be ready to turn up the heat. Kawasaki power tools and equipment deliver quality, value and satisfaction to do-it-yourself consumers. Kawasaki power tool users rate Kawasaki value higher than any other leading brand. For over 35 years, Kawasaki has brought consumers the highest level of fun and adventure with products that deliver unbridled power and excitement.

–Perfect for shrink-wrap, paint and sticker removal, paint drying, shrink tubing and more

–Lightweight design reduces fatigue during extended use

–Dual temperature range and dual speed settings for greater control over temperature and air flow

–Lightweight design reduces fatigue during extended use

–Set includes heat gun, wide jet, halfond jet, reduction jet, plain jet, scraper handle, 3 piece scraper heads, heat gun cradle

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Kawasaki 10 pc Dual Temperature Heat Gun Kit for $28

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