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EA’s iconic football series returns with new focus on the ground game, zone defense, and special teams in Madden NFL 17. The running game now offers special moves more in concert with body types, with big backs owning better trucks and stiff arms, and smaller backs more adept at spin moves and jukes, and the new ball carrier path assist is designed to help gamers hit holes in the defense. On the other side of the ball, the new defensive gap system makes defending the run more realistic, with updated AI letting players use force, fill, cutback, jet, crack-replace, and 2-gap techniques.
The passing game has been updated with ten new zone coverage assignments, and special teams includes a new three-button kick meter and an expanded set of trick plays, while all facets of the game are affected by upgraded ball physics. The signature Franchise mode has been updated in Madden NFL 17, with Big Decisions affecting season goals, injured players, acquisitions, re-signings, and cuts, while the implementation of a practice squad means gamers can keep ten more young players on their roster. Users can now develop game plans and take on in-game drills to prepare for upcoming opponents, and expanded simulation options let players take on the full game, offense only, defense only, or just the biggest moments.

  • Take advantage of new running schemes, defensive gap systems, and zone defense
  • Speed through multiple years in the Franchise mode with the Play the Moments feature
  • Join friends for local or online multiplayer action with all the real 2017 NFL players
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