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Set between The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings sagas, Middle Earth: Shadow of Mordor brings a new tale to life, inspired by Tolkien’s rich lore and delivered with an innovative spin on open-world gameplay. Talion, a ranger of Gondor, is murdered along with his family on the night Sauron and his captains return to Mordor. At the moment of his death, however, he is possessed and resurrected by a Wraith who was once the Elf Celebrimbor. Now sharing a body, they set out on a mission seeking vengeance for Talion’s family and answers to Celebrimbor’s mysterious past. Talion can call upon Wraith abilities to wreak ghostly havoc on enemies, decode the tangle of orc loyalties, and control minds to incite infighting and raise up an army. As he defeats enemies, he’ll earn runes to enhance and upgrade legendary weapons.

The game’s Nemesis system creates a world of unique enemies who remember previous encounters with Talion (and likely harbor a grudge). There are no canned enemies here: each has strengths and weaknesses unique to that gameplay instance, making every play-through different. IGN called the system a “fantastic addition to the ubiquitous open-world genre.” A Gamespot reviewer said he was “repeatedly flabbergasted by the continual layering of deep systems and large-scale consequences that I never expected.”

  • Nemesis system creates unique enemies on each playthrough
  • Exploit enemy fears, weaknesses, and memories
  • Earn runes to upgrade weapons
  • Unleash attack combos on enemies
  • Control enemy minds with Wraith abilities
  • Set before the events of The Lord of the Rings
  • Explore Mordor immediately after Sauron’s return
  • Winner of Gamespot’s 2014 “Best of E3” award
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