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  • Durable nylon backpack suitable for anything from an intense hiking session to a leisurely camping trip
  • Features a spacious main compartment with zip-up closure
  • Secures to your back with an adjustable chest belt and hip belt clasp
  • Padded and adjustable shoulder straps relieve pressure on shoulders while carrying heavy loads
  • Endure harsh combat situation.
  • 2 Seperate compartments
  • Heavy-Duty carry and drag handle
  • Two double zipper pulls on the every compartment for easy access
  • An interlayer is hidden inside the up-front pocket.
  • D-Ring for equipment attachment
  • Weight: 3 lbs
  • Color: Black, Tan, ACU Camo, CP Camo, Jungle Camo, Jungle Digital Camo
  • Dimension: Main Pack: 19.6″(H)x11.8″(L)x8.66″(W) (not including attachments) Up-front Pack: 5.9″(H)x9.05″(L)x3.54″(W),,Attachment Side Pouch (Each): 8.66″(H)x5.5″(L)x3.15″(W)
  • Material: 800D Nylon
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Military Shoulder Tactical Backpack for $35

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