MOTA Alphabet Play Mat for $19 has MOTA Alphabet Play Mat for $19 with a free shipping on order over $35.


Kid-Friendly Puzzle:

  • Colorful, interlocking foam tiles
  • Kids can put together the puzzle or use the tiles to build blocks or forts
  • Each tile has a letter or number in the center
  • Dimensions of each tile: 12” x 12”

Developmental Play:

  • Encourages kids to use their imaginations
  • Exercises motor skills
  • Teaches kids about numbers, letters, and colors

Doubles as a Spacious Mat:

  • When fully assembled, the puzzle forms a mat
  • Soft, cushy surface for kids to play on
  • Decorative piece for kids’ bedrooms
  • Thickness: 0.5”
  • Mat dimensions: 5’ x 5’
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MOTA Alphabet Play Mat for $19

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