Oval Makeup Brush Sets (10-Piece) (2 Colors) for $30

Groupon.com has Oval Makeup Brush Sets (10-Piece) (2 Colors) for $30 with a free shipping on order over $35.


Ergonomic Design for Precise Control
  • Perfect for highlighting and contouring
  • Large, sculpted handles are easy to grip
  • Unique, front-facing bristles are easier to control
Better Application
  • Denser brushes have 3–10x as many bristles as traditional brushes
  • Picks up more color
  • Makes application smoother and more even
  • Gently massages and exfoliates skin
How to Use Them
  • Best for liquid and some powder makeups
  • Apply in small circular strokes
  • Larger brushes are for foundation, blush, and bronzer and smaller ones work best for eye shadows, brows, and highlighter
Good to Know
  • Non-porous synthetic bristles
  • Easier to clean and more hygienic
Where to buy
Oval Makeup Brush Sets (10-Piece) (2 Colors) for $30

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