OxGord Premium Pet Brush and Deshedding Rake for $10

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This professional quality dematting comb and rake features self cleaning stainless steel bristles that are gentle on your pet’s fur and undercoat. Designed for use with dogs and cats our pet comb is perfect for removing tangled fur and mats from your pet’s coat without irritating their skin. Prevent excess shedding and give your pet a healthy and shiny coat that will keep them happy all year long.

Our Premium dematting comb helps to rid fur of dander and odors. The ergonomically designed brush features a comfort grip handle for optimal control and leverage while brushing. Ideal for dogs and cats of all hair types; long haired, short haired, curly or straight our comb is a must have for pet owners everywhere. Give your pet the best and help them enjoy the hot months of summer while keeping their coat healthy for the winter with the OxGord premium pet brush.

  • PREMIUM PET BRUSH & DESHEDDING RAKE: Gently removes loose hair and fur from your dog or cat’s coat.
  • PROFESSIONAL QUALITY GROOMING TOOL: Prevents excess shedding for a long lasting healthy under coat.
  • GENTLE COMB FOR DOGS & CATS: Deshedding brush trimmer is perfect for both dogs & cats coat and fur.
  • SELF CLEANING STAINLESS STEEL BRISTLES: Gentle bristles painless remove mats & fur without tugging.
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OxGord Premium Pet Brush and Deshedding Rake for $10

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